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Cardiff-bred WCS is your all-in-one digital partner and you’ll be glad to know, we’ve got your digital space covered. We’re a team of marketing geeks passionate about ensuring your corner of the internet not only serves you but serves your customers and clients too.

Each of the team carries a unique set of fine-tuned skills to ensure that we’re the best at what we do. There’s no jack of all trades here, we’re all masters of one. A true one-stop shop with every service you need with only one point of contact.

WCS was birthed in 2018 out of a side hustle, a maternity leave distraction, a hobby. But, hobby no more. Here we are servicing clients all across the globe in various time zones and having a good ole giggle as we go. Work can be fun.

We’re the one to turn to when you just don’t have the time, when you’ve run out of ideas, when your brand needs a little spruce, when you just don’t want to open another social media app ever again, when you know you’re going to need another set of hands but you don’t want a big agency to swan off with your pride and joy…


That’s when you choose WCS, we’ll slot into your world, into your business and act as an extension of your team. We love small businesses because we are a small business.

The WCS Way

We live for marketing and we’re experts at our craft. What makes us an award-winning marketing based agency?

We're Marketing Geeks

No jacks of all trades here. Each member of the team is a master of one.

We're Creative

Cardiff-bred WCS is your all-in-one creative, digital partner.

We Make It Fun

We believe work should be fun and so should working with an agency.

Meet The Team

Our team is driven by a passion for all things marketing. We love what we do and that
translates into the results of our work. 

Founder & CEO

Chelsea is far more than the CEO of WCS.

She’s a leader and teacher to the ever-growing WCS tribe. When she has a spare two minutes to get her hands dirty in client work, she’s a whizz at all things branding, marketing strategy, and PR. She has paved the way for the future of WCS and leads by example, hence how she has bred quite the team of strong-minded, over-achieving marketeers!

When she’s not at her desk, Chels is a full-time supermum! Entrepreneurial business women meets mum-life is often entertaining in the office, but it’s part and parcel of being a successful business owner of an award-winning marketing agency!

Chelsea is most at home in a great restaurant, with a glass (or five) of champagne in hand, surrounded by her closest friends and family. She knows how to do team events and dinners that’s for sure!

An inspiration to the team and boss of dreams, that’s Chelsea.

Digital Marketing Executive

When Jess isn’t dressed up as a princess, you’ll normally find her singing Adele or prancing about on stage. It’s no wonder she was the perfect fit to join the team as a Digital Marketing Executive, she fits right into our rowdy rabble!

With over 6 years experience running her own children’s entertainment company, Fit For
Your Princess, she knows just how passionate business owners are about their ventures (and how important a good social media strategy is). Jess also has a degree in Musical Theatre – so when the office speaker is broken, at least we can rely on her to provide the tunes!

What does Jess love most about the job? Getting to be creative, bringing clients ideas to life, and seeing the hard work pay off when those insights are GREEN! Oh, and working with a team of talented (and quite funny) co-workers isn’t all that bad. Give her a pint of Guinness and a song she can head bang to, and she’s a happy lady!

Jess is thriving at WCS and growing every day. She has brought original thinking and creativity to our client accounts and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her here!

Digital Marketing Executive

Aime is our latest addition to Team WCS and boy are we glad we’ve got her!

She originally came from a sporting background and took the plunge with a strategic marketing masters and never looked back – it’s an industry that keeps me on my toes, every day is different and it’s something that I enjoy!

She’s quickly becoming the star of the show on our ‘overheard in the office’ whiteboard, with her witty one-liners, but she’s shining just as bright on our client accounts too.  If you’ve got Aime as your account manager get ready for innovative content and integrated strategies that will transform your online presence.

Her favourite part of the job is getting to be creative and having a lot of  creative autonomy; “I wasn’t aware that I could have this much control working in an agency, so it’s really refreshing to see that clients have faith in us and what we do! It makes doing the job 10x better when your plans and ideas pay off!” 

If she’s not at work she’s keeping active, smashing the sports field, or sipping on something alcoholic; “I love a glass of wine or 10, lol”. Oh and we can’t forget her love for a corned beef pie!!

She’s a great team player at work as well as on the pitch; “A supportive team is a dream team! We have all made such a fab bond so quickly, and this makes our team lunches and team drinks full of fun and laughter!”, and we’re so excited for Aime’s future at WCS. It’s looking very bright! 

Digital Marketing Manager

Let’s reintroduce our pocket rocket Kates.

Hard-working, enthusiastic, and full of wit, Katie is our Digital Marketing Manager here at WCS. A real driving force in the team, Katie is the master of all things, but leading the team and writing a pretty water-tight strategy is where she packs a punch. When she’s not
calculating return on investment or ranking keywords, you can find her at the gym (don’t ask her how much see lifts!), scrolling through Tik-Tok, or most-likely at a bar, drinking it dry!

Katie joined WCS whilst finishing her English Language & Linguistics degree at Cardiff University and has grown from strength to strength ever since. Most people would throw their books and days of studying away but Katie is now undertaking an ILM course in Leadership & Management at WCS to pave the yellow brick road of her future.

She is the queen of reels and knows exactly what it takes to help grow our client’s
businesses and isn’t afraid to tell them!

Katie loves people… especially our clients and bringing their visions come to life, seeing them succeed, and she loves doing the unexpected. Does this sound like anyone else?

A lover of team drinks and having an office singalong daily, Kates is our secret weapon and if you’re lucky enough to land her as your account manager… well, you better be prepared for a crazy ole ride!

Digital Marketing Executive

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sophie!

Sophie is one of the latest editions to Team WCS and we are very lucky to have her on-board🙌🏼

Not only is she a sunny face and a source of all the office giggles (the wheeze is real😂), she has also taken to our client strategies and campaigns like a duck takes to water and has already made her own stamp on all things client socials💪🏻 If you’ve got Sophie as your account manager you are in for a treat, she’s forward-thinking, super creative, and passionate about driving results.

In just 4 weeks Soph has had some huge client wins, from organising successful influencer campaigns to increasing conversion rates by 35% for one of our clients🤩 We can’t wait to watch her grow and take on the digital world! Watch this space, Sophie is here to stay✨

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