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A full-service marketing agency based in Cardiff, we work as an extension of your team to achieve real results. Because marketing is more than sporadic newsletters, counting Instagram likes, and wondering ‘maybe this will go viral’. It’s strategic, measurable, and meaningful – not to mention irresistible to your target audience.

Flash and fluff don’t fly with us. We support high-end businesses build their brands with marketing that doesn’t just look the part but delivers transparent, tangible results – time after time.


Where it all began

WCS was born in 2018 out of a side hustle; a maternity leave distraction that started as a hobby. As I navigated the precious early days of motherhood, I knew my identity had shifted – for the better.

I was no longer Chelsea, a corporate professional working in the financial sector. I was Chelsea, a new mum reevaluating my priorities, goals, and ambitions in life.

Those sleepless newborn nights gave me valuable thinking time. How do I recover my identity, outside of being a mum? What am I passionate about? How do I work in harmony with my skills and interests?

So, I did what any soul-searching millennial on the cusp of a quarter-life transformation would do. I started a blog.

And just like that, the What Chelsea Said blog was born. Armed with a quick Wix website, a Canva logo, and a whole lot to say, I started writing.

The words started flowing and they didn’t stop. Monthly blog posts turned into weekly uploads. Three thousand monthly readers turned into local businesses requesting professional blog posts. Blog posts turned into managing social media accounts and influencer campaigns for small businesses.

Suddenly, large businesses and household names were hitting up my inbox. Six months in, I realised this was no longer a solo hobby; this was a fully-fledged business, needing more hands than mine.

Fast-forward to the present and WCS is the brand-building, coverage-winning, visibility-enhancing agency you see today. Our seven-strong team works closely with a roster of upscale brands to deliver impactful marketing, PR, and branding to maximise exposure and skyrocket sales.

Meet The Team

Our team is driven by a passion for all things marketing. We love what we do and that
translates into the results of our work. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Founder & CEO

To Chelsea, a successful business is only as strong as its team. After all, what use is a slick facade if the culture doesn’t inspire and uplift the mighty workforce behind it?

Chelsea has paved the way for the future of WCS and leads by example, taking time to nurture individual strengths to create quite the dream team of strong-minded, savvy m outarketers. With a penchant for branding, marketing strategy, and PR, Chelsea has masterminded countless client campaigns that have made WCS the award-winning agency it is today.

When she’s not overseeing the team and liaising with clients, Chelsea is making memories with her family and friends…preferably in a great restaurant with a glass of Champagne in hand.

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Head of Social

A through-and-through people person and strategic thinker, Katie is an undeniable driving force in the team. She’s a master of marketing, but team leadership and devising watertight strategies that bring client visions to life are where she packs a punch.

When she’s not calculating return on investment, ranking keywords, or filming binge-worthy reels, Katie can be found lifting at the gym or laughing at TikToks. Unapologetically ambitious with a steadfast commitment to professional development, Katie has undertaken an ILM course in Leadership and Management at WCS.

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Account Manager

When Aime took the plunge and embarked on an MSc in Strategic Marketing, she never looked back. Aime thrives off the fast-paced nature of the industry and is constantly delivering innovative content and integrated strategies that transform our clients’ online presence.

Her favourite part of working with WCS is the creative autonomy and the close-knit relationships we’ve forged with our clients. When she’s not managing client accounts, you’ll find Aime on the sports field or tucking into a corned beef pie. The WCS team has great taste in more ways than one, you know.

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Account Manager

Sophie instantly hit the ground running at WCS HQ. With her forward-thinking, creative, and results-driven approach, she executes client strategies and campaigns with finesse.

Within four weeks of joining WCS, Sophie scored some huge client wins, from organising successful influencer campaigns to boosting conversion rates by 35% for one client. Watch out, digital world. Sophie didn’t come to play.

Ready for results?

You’re here because you want marketing that makes a mark. If you’re done with vanity metrics and lack the time, tools, and team to devise a marketing strategy worth shouting about, let’s talk.

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