WCS Agency Business Continuity Plan

1. Introduction: This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is designed to ensure the continued operation of WCS Agency in the face of various risks, emergencies, and disruptions. Our primary goal is to minimize downtime, maintain critical business functions, and facilitate a swift recovery.

2. Risk Assessment: We have identified several potential risks and threats specific to our marketing agency in Cardiff, including:

  • Staff Illnesses: Key personnel falling ill or being unavailable.
  • Loss of Staff: Unexpected staff departures or shortages.
  • Power/Equipment Failure: Disruptions in power supply or equipment malfunction.
  • Flooding: Flooding of our office premises due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Cybersecurity Incidents: Data breaches, malware attacks, or cyber threats.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Interruptions in the supply of essential resources.
  • Pandemic Outbreak: Health crises impacting workforce availability.

3. Business Impact Analysis (BIA): We have conducted a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify critical business processes that must be maintained even in adverse circumstances. These processes include:

  • Client Communication: Ensuring seamless communication with clients.
  • Project Management: Managing ongoing marketing projects.
  • Financial Operations: Managing finances, invoicing, and payments.

4. Recovery Objectives: We have established specific Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to guide our response:

  • RTOs:
    • Client Communication: 2 hours
    • Project Management: 4 hours
    • Financial Operations: 24 hours
  • RPOs:
    • Client Communication: Real-time
    • Project Management: Daily
    • Financial Operations: Daily

5. Response and Recovery Plans: We have developed detailed plans for responding to and recovering from specific incidents. These plans include:

  • Activation Procedures: How to activate the incident response team.
  • Impact Assessment: Assessing the situation and its impact.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Notifying clients, employees, and stakeholders.
  • System and Data Restoration: Restoring critical systems and processes.
  • Client and Employee Communication: Communicating with clients and employees.

6. Communication Plan: We have established communication protocols, including:

  • Emergency Contact Lists: Maintaining contact lists for employees, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Alternate Communication Channels: Identifying backup communication methods (phone, email, social media).

7. Alternate Facilities and Resources: We have identified backup office locations and remote work options in the event our Cardiff office becomes inaccessible. Additionally, we ensure access to cloud-based systems and maintain data backups.

8. Training and Testing: We provide training to employees on BCP procedures and conduct regular drills and tabletop exercises to test our recovery plans.

9. Continual Review and Improvement: We regularly review and update the BCP to reflect changes in operations and emerging threats. Post-incident reviews help identify areas for improvement.

10. Plan Approval and Distribution: The BCP is approved by senior management and distributed to all relevant employees. Each employee is aware of their role and responsibilities during a crisis.

11. Document Control: We maintain document control to ensure the BCP’s accuracy and relevance.

12. Conclusion: The WCS Agency BCP is a comprehensive document that guides our response to various risks and disruptions. It is tailored to our marketing agency in Cardiff and aims to safeguard essential functions, protect our employees and clients, and ensure a prompt recovery.