Diary of a Cardiff Marketing Agency CEO- Meet Chelsea! 

Cardiff Marketing Agency CEO
Cardiff Marketing Agency CEO

Diary of a Cardiff Marketing Agency CEO- Meet Chelsea! 

Chelsea is far more than the CEO of WCS.

She’s a leader and teacher to the ever-growing WCS tribe. When she has a spare two minutes to get her hands dirty in client work, she’s a whizz at all things branding, marketing strategy, and PR. She has paved the way for the future of WCS and leads by example, hence how she has bred quite the team of strong-minded, over-achieving marketeers!

When she’s not at her desk, Chels is a full-time supermum! Entrepreneurial business women meets mum-life is often entertaining in the office, but it’s part and parcel of being a successful business owner of an award-winning marketing agency!

Chelsea is most at home in a great restaurant, with a glass (or five) of champagne in hand, surrounded by her closest friends and family. She knows how to do team events and dinners that’s for sure!

An inspiration to the team and boss of dreams, that’s Chelsea. So, what does she have to say about leading WCS? Read on to find out…

Things look pretty busy, how is agency life?

Agency life is GOOD. Infact, better than good, we’re busy & booked and that’s always the motive. Last year was a year of incredible growth for us and we really took some time to develop the infrastructure of the agency, systems, internal processes, ways of communicating and boundaries but now we’ve got our ducks in a row. We’re storming ahead, house keeping firmly done. We’re focusing on new clients, new industries as well as bringing our current roster the best support and marketing team they’ve ever had. Bigger and better, for us and our clients.

Marketing trend prediction for 2022?

Ooooh. Sustainability – any new businesses have to consider how they’re approaching this and in my opinion, it has to be part of your blueprint / plans as this is something consumers are not overlooking when making buying decisions, on and offline.

Long term influencer marketing campaigns. One off influencer campaigns can be deemed as vacuous and a short term exchange of money/product solely for exposure, however audiences see through this and it can have adverse effects to your marketing, i.e consumers not buying your product because they know its an ad. So building long term relationships and ensuring all your influencers are advocates of the brand is a sure fire way to ensure that consumers trust you and your choice of collaborator and that they believe in your product too past the paycheque.

What are you excited for?

We’ve just made some incredible hires. Fresh talent with lots of marketing experience that we’re bringing on board to not only give our clients the very best of us but to develop WCS too. With experience comes lessons and with lessons comes knowledge so I’m keen for our new faces to integrate into the team and teach us what they know as well as us, teach them the WCS way. 

Oh, and I’m having a baby and getting married and that’s pretty exciting.

Do you have any 2022 goals for WCS?

The sky’s the absolute limit and our 2022 strategy is straight up fire but we’re looking to take a bigger, chunkier bite of the Cardiff marketing scene and to grow our footprint. I can honestly say some of the work we do is up there with the most innovative and forward thinking strategies I’ve seen in the industry and we very often see bigger companies run with our inspo, lets say. So I’m keen to focus on sharing our insane work, even better results and just how much value we bring as a team. Small team, BIG IMPACT. 


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