Hern & Crabtree


Our primary objective was to elevate Hern & Crabtree's online presence and engagement over a 6 month period through monthly integrated paid campaigns alongside strategic organic content.

What we did

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    Monthly Integrated Campaigns

  • Developed a comprehensive monthly integrated campaign plan, blending paid advertising and organic content strategies.
  • Aligned campaign themes with business objectives and seasonality, ensuring relevance and resonance.
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    Audience Targeting and Persona Development

  • Utilised advanced audience targeting features to segment users based on demographics, interests, and online behaviour.
  • Developed specific ad sets for paid campaigns, tailoring messaging to different audience segments.
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    Engaging Ad Creatives & Conversion Copy

  • Conducted regular content shoots to produce fresh and visually appealing assets for paid campaigns.
  • Utilised dynamic ad creatives that showcased Hern & Crabtree's properties, highlighting unique selling points and features.
  • Conducted A/B testing on ad copy variations to identify the most compelling messaging for driving engagement and conversions.
  • Employed persuasive language, clear calls-to-action, and exclusive offers to encourage user action.

How we did it

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    Location-Specific Targeting

  • Implemented precise location targeting to focus on audiences within specific geographic areas relevant to Hern & Crabtree's property listings.
  • Utilised advanced targeting parameters to narrow down the audience based on location, ensuring that ad content reached individuals with potential interest in the properties.
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    Dynamic Content Shoots with Seasonal Emphasis

  • Conducted regular content shoots, with a specific emphasis on creating visuals and videos that aligned with seasonal themes and highlighted the unique features of Hern & Crabtree's properties.
  • Ensured that each monthly campaign featured high-quality brand videos that showcased the lifestyle, amenities and distinctive qualities of the properties but also highlighted the USPs of Hern & Crabtree’s services.
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    Strategic Seasonal Ad Sets

  • Developed seasonal ad sets to align with key events, holidays and local activities that resonated with the target audience.
  • Adjusted ad content and messaging to reflect the changing seasons and capitalise on the emotional connection associated with specific times of the year.
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    Localised Messaging and Offers

  • Tailored ad copy and offers to suit the preferences and needs of the local audience in each targeted location.
  • Incorporated region-specific information and promotions to enhance relevance and encourage engagement.
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    Localised Landing Pages

  • Created location-specific landing pages to provide a seamless and personalised user experience for individuals clicking on the ads.
  • Ensured that landing pages aligned with the ad content, featuring relevant property listings and localised information.
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    Audience Segmentation Based on Location

  • Employed audience segmentation based on location data, allowing for personalised targeting and messaging to different neighbourhoods and communities.
  • Leveraged data insights to refine location-specific targeting parameters and optimise ad delivery.

The results

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    The strategic emphasis on location-specific targeting contributed to a significant 227% increase in reach, ensuring that the campaign reached individuals with a genuine interest in Hern & Crabtree's properties.

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    The incorporation of high-quality brand videos and localised messaging contributed to a substantial 73% increase in profile visits, indicating heightened engagement with the audience.

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    Continuous optimisation of brand videos led to enhanced video performance metrics, with increased view duration and engagement rates, contributing to the success of the campaigns.

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