Influence Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Influence Marketing

Want to work with influencers? Here’s what you need to know…

1. Define your goals????

Are you looking for brand awareness, lead generation, or to generate revenue and conversions? If you’re looking for awareness you should measure likes, engagement and shares etc. If you’d rather generate leads you may wish to get them to share links to your website, and if you’re looking for direct revenue, affiliate links are your friend!

2. Do your research and know your audience????

Don’t be afraid to ask for an influencer’s stats and demographic. Does their audience match yours? It’s important they do as there’s no point in an influencer advertising your product/service to an audience that doesn’t want to know!

3. Choose quality over quantity????

Influencers that really want to work with your brand and have engaged audiences within your ideal demographic are far more valuable than many influencers with huge unengaged followings! Remember, meaningful engagement is more beneficial than impressive insights with little conversion/real interest????????‍♀️

4. Don’t be a control freak????

Unlike your usual methods of marketing you can’t control influencer content, but that’s part of the beauty of it! It’s UGC, shows your business from a consumer perspective, and is often far more convincing in today’s marketing environment.

5. Encourage longer-term relationships ????

Long-term influencer relationships are beneficial to both you and them. As a brand, it means that the influencer is more invested in you, which in-turn leads to more regular high-quality content. For influencers, long-term brand relationships show that the brand trusts them completely, and opens up new collaboration opportunities for them.


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