Jessie in Cardiff, like Emily In Paris… but less Champagne!

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Jessie in Cardiff, like Emily In Paris… but less Champagne!

Walking down leafy Cathedral Road doesn’t quite compare to Emily in Paris‘ glamorous morning commute along the scenic River Seine. And my outfits are carefully curated to keep me warm in the relentless Welsh winters rather than to keep up with the chic Parisian style, but you can forgive me for romanticising my job to imagine that I am Wales’ answer to Emily Cooper.

However, let’s be real if I filmed a boomerang of me biting into a welsh cake from Pontcanna’s hottest new spot, Coffi Co, and captioned it “raisins + sugar = ????,” chances are I wouldn’t be going viral anytime soon. If you can forgive all of the series’ faux pas, then you can enjoy it for what it is on surface-level; a fun, cliche series about an American girl living in Paris. But if like me, you found yourself eye-rolling more often than you would like, it’s probably because you know that marketing isn’t as glossy as fancy outfits and campaign ideas with endless budgets.

I wish I could sell all hopeful digital marketers the dream, and say that yes, your accounts will grow at rapid speed just like Emily’s and your off the cuff posts will rack up a huge 177k likes, but the reality is much less glamorous. Let us recap some of our not-so-favourite marketing moments from the series:

1. Emily’s Instagram account
Firstly, can we talk about hashtags? Does this girl do ANY competitor analysis, keyword reach, or any of the actual behind the scenes tasks that aid organic growth? Unless she’s got some secret huge ad budget and people are genuinely interested in her snaps of random people (which by the way, HUGE no), I just don’t believe she’d reach influencer status so quickly. Plus, she’s definitely way too busy with hot chefs to be doing any meaningful engagement.

2. Her lack of strategies
OK, so we do get the inside scoop on a lot of her pitch meetings, and she’s always bringing fun, innovative ideas to the table on the spot. But content is carefully curated with a strategy behind it to help that business achieve its goals, so you can’t blame me for cringing when she whipped out her phone and snapped a picture of one of Pierre Cadeua’s dresses laying on the floor. Also, the fact she takes it in the Instagram app actually makes me shudder, but I digress.

3. Influencers
Influencer marketing is a huge tool that marketers use to help your product or service reach a whole new audience. At  WCS when we work alongside influencers, we’re sure to select those who align with the brand, and who will bring meaningful engagement to their content. Durée, however, seems to invite anyone with a decent enough amount of followers *cough, Emily, cough* and quite frankly, the whole event feels like an influencer free for all, I wouldn’t have been remotely surprised if they began duelling with selfie sticks. Two particular moments that deserve a facepalm in this scene would be the outrageous Celia Splits (anti-fungal yoga pants and cosmetics.. The perfect combination) and the fact that Emily gets to meet the CMO who was impressed by her saying that the lipstick is “smudge-proof, even when you’re BERRY hungry.” Need I say more?

For all its marketing flaws (and believe me, I could go on) Emily In Paris is light-hearted and fun and she does have some great, out of the box campaign ideas, like the sleep beneath the stars mattress campaign. I like to think Emily and I bear some resemblance, I too have an uncanny obsession with hats, have an annoyingly optimistic outlook on most things, and LOVE a glass of champagne. But thankfully, my boss isn’t as mean, I don’t kiss my best friend’s boyfriend and I actually stay in the office, rather than swanning off for as long as I please.

Also, my French AND marketing vocabulary is far better.

C’est tout pour le moment!


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