Let’s talk about followers

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Let’s talk about followers

Well, let’s get stuck straight in shall we? The truth to growing your following on any social media platform is like all good things, it takes time and consistency. 

A lot of us tend to forget that we are on SOCIAL media and find ourselves aimlessly tapping the like button here and there but so many of us aren’t actually being social and interacting with each other through actual conversation. 

Think of it this way, if we wanted to make new friends and connections in real life, what would we do? We’d put time and effort into creating genuine interaction and to really forge a good relationship/friendship, this would mean consistently putting this effort in over time. This is the same online! So what can you do right now to kickstart your following?

???? Be Social – find people in your niche, people who inspire you, family, friends and interact! Take the time to comment, take the time to engage with their content. They’ve posted that specific bit of content because they want you to see it and engage!

???? Your Identity – what does your social media say about you? Does it show you in the light you want potential customers/brands/companies to see you? If not, give it a spring clean! Spruce up your bio and think about adopting a theme (we’ll talk about these again!)

???? Shareable content – create content that people want to see and to share with their following. Think of when people ‘go viral’ how have they done this? they’ve simply found the sweet spot of posting content people want to see and they’ve posted it at the right time.

And turn a blind eye to a competitor who has more followers than you. You do not know their position and followers on this lil ole app (or any social media platform for that matter) does not define your success, your income or your social status.


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