Let’s talk Consumer Buying Process

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Let’s talk Consumer Buying Process

Let’s talk consumer buying process ⤵️⤵️⤵️

They find you ????

Usually through a social media platform or word of mouth. Ways to increase being found? Have an aesthetically pleasing feed, use good hashtags AND provide a good service so people want to recommend you

They like you ????

Usually due to your tone of voice, approachability or the fact people can relate to you. Ways to increase likeability? Be personable, be attentive in the DMs and reply to comments.

They follow you ????

Usually this decision is based on your past content as well as what led them to find you. Ways to increase chances of a follow? Create a perfectly curated and aesthetically pleasing social platform that isn’t too salesly – ensure before each post you’re considering does it inspire, encourage or evoke emotion? If it doesn’t, reconsider.

They need you ????

Your product should always solve their problems or be so individual they can’t source a replica elsewhere. Ways to increase the need? Be clear with which problem you’re solving… Time is invaluable so if it gives them more time back? Tell them that.

They want you ????

This is usually through consistency. Got a product they NEED and they keep seeing it everywhere, eventually they’re going to want to buy it. Ways to increase the ‘want factor’? Ensure you’re Ads are set correctly if you’re using Ads and if you’re posting content make sure it’s at your optimal times

They spend with you ????

Cash money. You’ve taken them from stone cold to warm to on FIRE ready to spend cash. Job well done, but ensure your service is tip top, the key here is, we want them to come back. Ways to increase repeat spend? Simple. Great service, or great personable packaging matched with a great product

They recommend you ????

Nail the above and they’ll be yodelling your praises from the highest point possible and queuing back in line with their loyalty card in the tip of their fingers. Ways to increase recommendations? A great end to end customer experience and being on hand throughout the process for queries such as faulty items and or refunds and exchanges.

Process, complete… Now time to repeat ????


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