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Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Marketing is about results…

…about getting our clients results and how we continue to get them results in the future.

Whether it’s navigating them through the pandemic successfully, scoring them a feature in a local magazine or helping them reach insights they’ve always dreamed of. Right now, whilst many of our clients are closed, we’re keeping them at the forefront of their clients’ minds and reminding their audiences that even as business owners, they are navigating through this lockdown just like their customers.

Is it harder to produce results in lockdown? Yes. Curating content and recycling content whilst trying to ensure your target audience are still interested even though they can’t access your service, for many, is more challenging.

Marketing is not sitting and scrolling aimlessly on Instagram or chucking a post up here and here.

It’s strategic, meticulous and planned. It’s ensuring that you have a client base who want to *actually* buy your products and not just sit and watch you from afar. It’s ensuring your business is defined by the size of your client base, not the size of your following. It’s not having a jazzy business card but who you pass that business card on to. It’s not what you post online, it’s who you’re trying to reach. It’s not just a random font, it’s your identity. ✨

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