Our favourite Steven Bartlett and why you need to hear it… 

Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Our favourite Steven Bartlett and why you need to hear it… 

Ok, somebody needs to hear this today. The internet is NOISIER than the stadium on rugby day and when the internet gets noisy, it’s time for some home truths. ☕

Comparison will tell you…

– Your posts aren’t as good as your competitors

– You don’t get as many likes as them

– People are unfollowing you which means you’re not good at what you do, but your competitors are. 

– Your ideas aren’t as good as theirs 

– They had 50 shares and you didn’t, which means you’re rubbish. 

How many of those have you said to yourself? Are any of those true? Are you bad at your profession?

If anyone said these things to you, would you continue to hang around with them, would you class them as a friend, would you confide in them? NO. So stop saying these things to yourself. Instead, remember that…

– Your story is unique and different to your competitors, so different that you cannot compare.

– Someone else’s success doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

– Comparison KILLS creativity. There is room for you in your industry, your paying clients prove this!

– No one can do it with your voice, your experience, your insight.

Did Boohoo fail to grow because they were worried about ASOS? Would Subway be classed as a failure for worrying about McDonalds? Or are they all successful in their own right?

When you focus on what works for YOU and what doesn’t, you step out of the comparison cycle and spiral into a place where you are focusing on your business and creativity will FLOW. 

Stop using the extra time you have to panic, worry and stress over your competitors. Keep your eyes on YOUR goals and work towards your objectives. Don’t stump your business’s growth because you spent too much time on watching someone else grow theirs.


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