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Our Services

Email Marketing

There are 4 billion daily email users and more than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day.* So what are you doing about it? Stand out with style and substance and a subscriber list of loyal customers who have chosen to be in your inner circle.

Social Media Management

Standing out on social? Not the impossible ask with high-quality strategy, cohesive content and the consistency we curate. Our clients have seen 4-figure percentage increases in engagement and thousands of new followers to boot!

PPC & Social Ads

Ads don’t need to be intimidating or income stealing - effective ads prove their ROI and can rapidly put the punch in your online presence. Don’t be put off working with ads - poke your head above the parapet and the noisy social scene ASAP.

Web development & SEO

With a minimum of 8 billion searches a day, make sure you’re making a stake on Page One with SEO strategy that sustains. A beautiful brand or a whizzy website is not a one-and-done. With our Google-fluent team, we’ll keep you in the top spot

Influencer Marketing

The ace in your marketing deck, influencer marketing can move mountains - when it’s managed with marketing metrics in mind. Leveraging audiences is nothing new - but these days we have the opportunity to align ourselves with the perfect-fit people to promote our product. Allow us to make the introduction.

Product Photography

Become a client and we’ll help you to flesh out your imagery inventory. Perfectly positioned for social posting, our photographers get the gram. We’ll descend on your HQ and take the headache out of headshots and handling social snaps. Aligned with your brand strategy, we’ll make sure your next shoot is a success.

PR & Print

Stop the press, print’s not dead! From glossy mag coverage to leaflet design, we’ll put your pitch on paper. A side-effect of great social and scalable marketing strategies? You get noticed! We prioritise coverage IRL as well as a polished persona online.

And our business is giving you the team, time and tools to take your marketing to the next level.

We’re WCS. Marketing mavens. Social sensations. Brand builders.
Female-led, female-run and fiercely fired up about your future.


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Luxury marketing is never leaving money on the table

– Chelsea, WCS Founder