WCS Agency Complaints Policy

WCS Agency Complaints Policy

1. Introduction: WCS Agency is committed to delivering high-quality marketing services to our clients. We value feedback and consider complaints as an opportunity for improvement. This Complaints Policy outlines our approach to handling complaints from both government and private sector clients.

2. Scope: This policy applies to all clients, including government agencies and private sector organizations, who engage WCS Agency for marketing services.

3. Definitions:

  • Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction with WCS Agency’s services, including any aspect of our work.

4. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish a transparent and efficient process for addressing and resolving complaints. WCS Agency aims to:

  • Provide clients with a clear and accessible method to raise complaints.
  • Investigate and address complaints promptly and impartially.
  • Use complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve our services.

5. Complaint Handling Process: Clients are encouraged to follow the steps outlined below when submitting a complaint:

Step 1: Informal Resolution: Clients may first attempt to resolve issues informally by discussing concerns with their WCS Agency account manager or point of contact. We encourage open and transparent communication.

Step 2: Formal Complaint: If the issue remains unresolved or if the client prefers to make a formal complaint, they should submit a written complaint via email to [Complaints Email Address]. The written complaint should include:

  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • Relevant supporting documentation.
  • Contact information for follow-up.

Step 3: Acknowledgment: WCS Agency will acknowledge receipt of the formal complaint within [X] business days.

Step 4: Investigation: Our dedicated complaints team will investigate the complaint thoroughly. This may involve:

  • Gathering relevant information.
  • Interviewing involved parties.
  • Reviewing project documentation.
  • Conducting an impartial assessment.

Step 5: Response: WCS Agency will provide a written response to the client within [X] business days of completing the investigation. The response will include:

  • A summary of the investigation findings.
  • Any actions taken to address the complaint.
  • Steps for resolution or further action, if necessary.

Step 6: Escalation: If the client remains dissatisfied with the response, they may request an escalation to a senior member of WCS Agency’s management team, who will conduct an independent review and provide a final response.

6. Confidentiality: All complaints and related information will be treated confidentially and shared only with individuals directly involved in the complaint resolution process.

7. Records: WCS Agency will maintain records of all complaints, including details of the complaint, investigation, and resolution. These records are used for continuous improvement and compliance purposes.

8. Continuous Improvement: WCS Agency is committed to learning from complaints and improving our services based on client feedback. We conduct periodic reviews to identify recurring issues and implement preventive measures.

9. Review and Update: This Complaints Policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with client needs and industry standards.

10. Contact Information: For complaints or inquiries related to this policy, please contact Catrine Colley, [email protected]