BRAV Endurance


Our primary objective was to boost sales for BRAV Endurance by implementing a cohesive organic and paid social media strategy, backed by high-quality and updated professional digital content.

What we did

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    Content Strategy and Creation

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of BRAV Endurance's target audience, brand positioning and market trends.
  • Developed a content strategy focused on delivering relevant and engaging messages to BRAV’s key target audiences. 
  • Produced and regularly updated professional digital content to maintain competitive with an appealing online presence, by undertaking regular shoot days with our in-house photography and videography team.
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    Organic Social Media Management

  • Established a consistent posting schedule across organic social channels to maintain brand visibility.
  • Leveraged user-generated content and encouraged audience participation to enhance community engagement.
  • Monitored industry trends to ensure content remained relevant and resonant.
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    Strategic Partnerships


  • Identified and collaborated with influencers and brand advocates to extend reach and credibility.
  • Formed partnerships with complementary businesses to cross-promote content and expand the online community.

How we did it

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    Strategic Content Updates

  • Regularly refreshed digital content to align with changing market dynamics and customer preferences.
  • Utilised compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and calls-to-action to drive audience engagement and conversions.
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    Audience Targeting and Persona Development

  • Refined audience targeting based on customer personas, ensuring that both organic and paid strategies reached the most relevant audience segments.
  • Utilised customer feedback and analytics to fine-tune targeting parameters for maximum impact.
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    Sales-Focused Metrics Monitoring

  • Tracked sales metrics in real-time to gauge the impact of organic and paid efforts on actual revenue.
  • Implemented performance analysis to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement.

The results

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    Through the combined efforts of organic and paid social media strategies, BRAV Endurance experienced an impressive 86% increase in sales within the designated timeframe.

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    The strategic organic approach ensured continuous brand visibility and engagement, fostering a loyal online community and evolution of Team Brav Endurance.

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    The proactive approach to content updates and relevance maintenance contributed to a dynamic and responsive online presence for BRAV Endurance, gaining attention from Ironman Wales and Long Course Weekend.

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