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Our primary objective was to organically elevate the TikTok presence of B's Aesthetics by implementing a platform-specific strategy focused on creating content to ignite consumer engagement and position B’s Aesthetics as an expert in the skin and aesthetics industry. 

What we did

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    Uber-Engaging Hooks for Skincare Conversations

  • Employed highly engaging hooks to captivate the TikTok target audience and spark conversations around skincare, a highly trending topic relevant to B’s Aesthetics.
  • Crafted content that not only showcased B's Aesthetics products and services but also initiated dialogues on skincare routines, tips and trends.
  • Leveraged trending hashtags and audio trends to maximise content visibility and participation.
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    In-App Creativity

  • Utilised ‘plogs’ and video text strategically to provide insights into skincare routines, product benefits, and expert advice.
  • Experimented with various in-app creative tools to enhance video aesthetics and ensure text hooks were captivating from the very beginning of the videos.
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    Reactive Content Strategy

  • Reactively responded to trending skincare topics, ensuring B's Aesthetics remained at the forefront of relevant conversations.
  • Curated content aligned with seasonal skincare trends and consumer interests, maximising engagement and reach.

How we did it

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    Strategic Content Creation

  • Crafted content with uber-engaging hooks, focusing on skincare conversations and the unique offerings of B's Aesthetics.
  • Utilised imagery and video content strategically to convey key skincare messages and promote B's Aesthetics as an authority in the field.
  • Experimented with in-app creative tools to produce visually compelling content that aligns with TikTok trends.
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    Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Analysed performance metrics to identify high-performing content and hooks.
  • Adapted content strategy based on real-time data insights, ensuring ongoing optimisation.
  • Optimised hooks and in-app creative features based on audience response and engagement patterns.
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    Community Engagement

  • Actively engaged with the TikTok community by responding to comments and encouraging conversations around skincare.

The results

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    In a three-month period, our TikTok campaign for B's Aesthetics organically generated over 10.4 million video views.

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    Achieved over 200k likes and interactions, showcasing a high level of engagement and resonance with the skincare-focused content.

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    Successfully positioned B's Aesthetics as a prominent authority in the skincare conversation on TikTok, solidifying its online presence and influence in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

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