Hern & Crabtree


Our primary objective over 9 months was to increase website traffic, enhance search visibility and improve Google rankings.

What we did

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    Keyword Selection Strategy

  • Conducted exhaustive keyword research to pinpoint high-performing and contextually relevant keywords.
  • Utilised a strategic mix of broad, phrase and exact match keywords for comprehensive coverage.
  • Maintained agility by consistently refining the keyword list based on performance data, evolving market trends and competitor analysis.
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    Carefully Curated Landing Pages

  • Developed and optimised landing pages meticulously tailored for conversion and user engagement.
  • Ensured seamless alignment between PPC ad content and landing page messaging.
  • Employed A/B testing to iteratively enhance landing page elements for optimal performance.
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    Strategic CPC Management

  • Executed a robust organic SEO strategy in tandem with PPC efforts to foster a holistic online presence.
  • Successfully maintained a CPC below £0.40 through precision in keyword targeting, bid adjustments and strategic budget allocation.
  • Focused spending on high-performing keywords and campaigns to maximise efficiency.

How we did it

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    Carefully Monitor Keywords & Targeting

  • Implemented precise location targeting to focus on audiences within specific geographic areas relevant to Hern & Crabtree's property listings.
  • Utilised advanced targeting parameters to narrow down the audience based on location, ensuring that ad content reached individuals with potential interest in the properties.
  • Utilise "negative keywords," that prompts the ad platform to avoid placing ads on results pages that are produced when a user enters these search terms. Therefore not wasting ad budget.
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    Impression Management and Visibility

  • Implemented targeted strategies to increase visibility and amplify impressions within search results.
  • Leveraged ad extensions and refined ad copy to captivate audience attention and drive clicks.
  • Monitored impression share closely, adjusting bids as needed to maximise visibility within the target audience.
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    Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Conducted regular and in-depth analyses of campaign metrics, encompassing impressions, clicks and conversions.
  • Leveraged data insights to identify emerging trends, capitalise on opportunities and fine-tune campaign strategies in real-time.
  • Made informed adjustments to bidding strategies and ad content based on the continuous feedback loop provided by data analytics.

The results

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    Our strategic approach to PPC campaigns for Hern & Crabtree has yielded over 190k impressions, significantly boosting visibility and brand exposure.

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    Achieved 30k direct link clicks, creating a steady stream of engaged and targeted traffic.

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    Successfully maintained a CPC below £0.40, exemplifying cost-effectiveness and efficiency in campaign management.

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