Hunter Lodges


Our primary objective was to drive immediate bookings for the Hunter Lodges at The Celtic Manor Resort through a time-sensitive 7-day paid campaign, emphasising a clear offer and urgency to maximise conversions for a last-minute deal.

What we did

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    Clear Offer Definition

  • Worked closely with The Celtic Collection to define a compelling and exclusive offer that would resonate with the target audience.
  • Crafted a clear and concise value proposition that communicated the unique benefits of the offer.
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    Urgency-Centric Ad Creatives & Strategic Copywriting

  • Designed ad creatives that emphasised urgency and conveyed the limited-time nature of the deal.
  • Utilised dynamic visuals, countdown timers, and bold copy to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.
  • Developed creative copy that conveyed the value of the offer while highlighting the urgency for potential guests to seize the opportunity within the 7-day window.
  • Employed persuasive language and compelling storytelling to evoke a sense of excitement and exclusivity.
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    Audience Segmentation for Targeted Messaging

  • Segmented the target audience based on demographics, preferences, and past behaviors to tailor messaging to specific segments.
  • Crafted personalised ad copy variations to resonate with different audience segments, addressing their unique needs and interests.

How we did it

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    Segmented Messaging for Targeted Ad Sets

  • Segmented the target audience based on demographics, preferences and past behaviours to tailor messaging to specific segments.
  • Crafted personalised ad copy variations, addressing different audience segments with messaging that resonated with their unique interests and motivations.
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    Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

  • Utilised dedicated landing pages optimised for conversions, aligning seamlessly with the ad content and featuring a streamlined booking process.
  • Ensured that the landing pages reinforced the urgency of the offer and provided all necessary details for potential guests to make swift bookings, thereby increasing conversions due to a seamless consumer journey.
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    Dynamic and Urgency-Centric Ad Creatives

  • Designed visually striking ad creatives that emphasised urgency through dynamic visuals, countdown timers and bold copy.
  • Utilised attention-grabbing elements to create a sense of immediacy, compelling potential guests to take advantage of the limited-time offer.

The results

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    The 7-day paid campaign for Hunter Lodges delivered 11,900% ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of the time-sensitive offer and urgency-focused strategy.

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    The urgency-centric approach led to immediate bookings, resulting in a significant increase in revenue within the short 7-day timeframe.

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    The strategic use of clear offers and urgency-centric creatives not only drove conversions but also enhanced brand awareness and engagement, creating excitement around the limited-time deal and unique offerings of the lodges.

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