Hygge For Home


Our primary objective was to significantly enhance brand engagement on Instagram through strategic influencer partnerships. Collaborating with the influencer @hygge_for_home, we aimed to create compelling content in collaboration with household name brands such as The White Company, John Lewis, and Harvey Nichols.

What we did

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    Content Creation Strategy

  • Collaborated closely with @hygge_for_home to craft a content creation strategy that highlighted the unique offerings of each brand.
  • Focused on creating visually captivating and authentic content that seamlessly integrated the influencer's personal touch with the brand narratives.
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    Developed Subscription Email Content

  • Enhanced audience engagement through subscription content via email. 
  • Strategised subscription content to align with audience interests, create demand and increase sign-ups. We utilised first-party social data to determine the highest-performing content styles and consumer research to plan and curate weekly subscription emails targeted at Hygge For Home's loyal community. 
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    Brand Content Shoots

  • Conducted regular content shoots to capture branded content, with a specific emphasis on creating visuals and videos that aligned with seasonal themes and Hygge For Home's iconic Scandi style.
  • Ensured that each monthly campaign featured high-quality brand videos that showcased the lifestyle, amenities and distinctive qualities of the products Hygge For Home was promoting. 

How we did it

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    Creative Direction and Collaboration

  • Undertook content days and provided creative direction to the influencer to ensure that each piece of content aligned with the brands' messaging and resonated with the target audience.
  • Fostered a collaborative environment where the influencer's creativity was amplified while staying true to the essence of The White Company, John Lewis, and Harvey Nichols.
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    Authentic Storytelling

  • Emphasised authentic storytelling in the influencer's content, allowing her to share genuine experiences with the brands.
  • Encouraged the influencer to weave personal narratives into the content, creating a more relatable and emotionally resonant connection with the audience.
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    Engagement-Driven Copy and Strategic Subscription Content

  • Crafted engaging email copy that prompted audience engagement from subscribers and non-subscribers, thus strengthening the influencer’s community to provide a platform for future revenue streams. 
  • Utilised strategic seasonal and trend-led content to increase subscribers.

The results

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    Over the campaign period, the influencer content campaign with @hygge_for_home successfully delivered on its objective, achieving a remarkable 52% increase in engagement on Instagram.

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    The strategic collaborations with The White Company, John Lewis, and Harvey Nichols not only elevated @hygge_for_home's engagement but also significantly increased the visibility and impact of the influencer partnerships for the brands involved.

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    The authenticity and creativity embedded in the influencer's content resonated positively with the audience, fostering increased brand affinity and consumer interest that were then able to be monetised by launching a subscription only newsletter.

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