2024 Predicted Marketing Trends

Year in Monzo campaign Newcastle billboard
Year in Monzo campaign Newcastle billboard

2024 Predicted Marketing Trends

Buckle up, because this year is all about taking personalisation to the next level, breaking free from the confines of your smartphone, and letting the airwaves echo your brand’s story. Get ready to dive into the tantalising trio of hyper-personalisation with first-party data, out-of-phone marketing, and the podcast PR revolution!

Hyper-Personalisation: Your Brand, Tailored Just for You!

Remember when “Dear [Customer Name]” felt like the height of personalisation? Well, in 2024, we’re kicking it up a notch. Hyper-personalisation is like having a personal shopper for your digital experience. How? By leveraging first-party data – that goldmine of information your customers willingly hand over. With a cookie-less future on the horizon, it’s worth noting the power and importance of first-party data within marketing for campaigns just like the ones below.

Brands like Amazon and Monzo have mastered the art of hyper-personalisation. They analyze your preferences, past behaviour, and even the time you spend scrolling. Armed with this data, they curate an experience that feels tailor-made, keeping you hooked and coming back for more. Tesco followed Spotify and Monzo’s year-unwrapped lead with their latest Clubcard campaign, proving personalisation in marketing leads to increased engagement and brand loyalty when executed well.

Out-of-Phone Marketing: Breaking Free from the Shackles of Screens

Let’s face it – our phones have become an extension of ourselves. But what if we told you that marketing is about to transcend the screen? Out-of-phone marketing is the rebellious trend that’s shaking things up. TikTok is pioneering this as a social platform, utilising digital screens to extend the TikTok experience from your phone to the real world in cinemas, billboards and other venues.

Picture this: You’re strolling through your favourite park, and suddenly, your favourite brand’s message serenades you from a smart billboard. It’s not in your face; it’s in the air, seamlessly blending into your surroundings. Brands like Nike and Coca-Cola are already experimenting with location-based out-of-phone marketing, turning ordinary spaces into immersive brand experiences. It’s the art of reaching your audience when they least expect it – in the real world!

Podcast PR: Tune In, Turn On, and Let Your Brand Voice Soar

If you’re not riding the podcast wave in 2024, you’re missing out on the auditory revolution! Podcast PR is like the cool kid in the marketing class, effortlessly blending entertainment and information. Think of it as radio on steroids but with a modern twist.

Brands like Spotify and Squarespace have mastered the art of podcast PR. They’re not just advertising products; they’re telling stories and engaging with listeners on a personal level. Whether through interviews, storytelling, or quirky banter, podcasts offer a unique way to connect with your audience. It’s like conversing with your brand, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with the brand that makes them laugh or teaches them something on their morning commute?

In a nutshell, 2024 is all about connecting with your audience in ways that feel less like marketing. Hyper-personalisation, out-of-phone marketing and podcast PR are emerging to be great ways to make an impact and leave a lasting impression. So, go ahead and embrace the future – your audience is waiting to be wowed! 🚀


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