Intern Diaries: Camille


Intern Diaries: Camille

My name is Camille Valere, I am currently in third year studying Media, Journalism and
Culture at Cardiff University.

In previously reading a few pieces from Cardiff Life Magazine and following them on
social media, I thought that they were an excellent company in terms of marketing
and providing information on what is going on in the local area.

I have a passion for journalism and have some experience writing for my
University student paper and being creative I decided to contact the team at Cardiff
Life and the WCS Agency to find out more. They kindly offered me a week
placement with them to be part of the team and to see what it was like to be in the
office. The Cardiff Life and WCS agency team were very welcoming and were on
hand to help me with anything that I needed. I was very excited to get involved and
immediately felt comfortable.

Whilst there I spent some time reading into Cardiff Life and getting more familiar with
the magazine. I was able to develop my journalism skills as I was given the
opportunity to write multiple pieces for Cardiff Life Magazine which involved
researching for the articles and fulfilling the briefs. I was also given the freedom to
pitch my own ideas for the new Cardiff Business Life Magazine. I throughly
enjoyed this as it gave me the chance to get creative whilst working in a professional
environment. I was also able to practise writing in different styles and on new topics
which is something that I have been looking to work on and develop.

On my second day there I had the chance to venture out of the office and be onsite
for the shoot for next month’s Cardiff Life front cover. We visited Teddy’s Place for the
shoot and it was amazing seeing ideas come to life in a professional shoot from
meeting the client to seeing the photographs being taken. I look forward to seeing
how the front cover will look like when the magazine comes out!

In my week here at Cardiff Life and WCS Agency, I can confidently say that I
have had a fantastic time working in a female-run company which was an
empowering experience. Each day was engaging and different from the other which
made it really interesting and valuable. Whilst I was writing and researching the
pieces I was also able to find out more about what was going on in Cardiff which I
found really interesting. I was able to pick up some great skills that will be valuable
for journalism and learn more about content creation and an insight into working for a
magazine company which will help me in my studies and future career aspirations.

I would like to thank everyone at Cardiff Life and WCS Agency, I have learnt so much
and I am extremely grateful for the experience!


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