Intern Diaries: Libby

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Intern Diaries: Libby

My name is Libby, a few weeks ago I took a risk that I have always wanted to do and got in contact with WCS agency to see if they were willing to offer me any work experience within marketing.  To my surprise, they were more than happy to offer a 2-week stint working in the agency.

I currently do Business at Merthyr College. Last year I completed a unit in marketing and it was my favourite. I instantly knew that marketing was what I wanted to do as a job. In September I will carry on doing Business Management in university.  I have a passion for digital marketing and all things social media.  I work best on Instagram and TikTok.

Within my first 2 days of working in WCS and Cardiff Life, I was trusted to design a “What’s On” newsletter for Cardiff Life.  This brought out the creative writing side of me which I was really pleased with.  I was able to do research on events/activities that are happening in Cardiff in February.  I was then trusted to choose what I think people will most be interested in to apply to the newsletter.

On the release day of the magazine, I was trusted with the Cardiff Life Instagram account to design the stories.  I had to create a background for the stories where I used pages from the magazine and made a collage to create a background that also made the main page of the magazine.  I then uploaded every page of the magazine onto each individual story and tagged all brands and businesses who featured.

Another task I was set to was to create a content inspiration mood board for a new client. For this I had to research the business and I was told what their goals and objectives were. I then went on to all social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Google to find images and videos for the mood board. I used Milanote to create the mood board to put all the content together.

I was also trusted to create some reels for a client. This was my favourite part of my time here as I was able to explore and use my creativity to cut and edit videos. I also found out a lot about how to actually make reels and to make them stand out. I learnt how to make the reels look perfect and to know what the public would like to catch their attention. To my pleasant surprise, some of the reels I have created have already been posted! I never thought that this would be the case and that WCS had so much trust in me. Seeing my own content that I had edited was such a good feeling and I can honestly say I was proud. Everyone that helped me was so supportive and gave the perfect feedback if I needed to make any changes. The more reels I did the more confident I was getting.

Content creating is definitely a passion of mine but I have never had the confidence to post on my platforms so to be able to create content here has been so fun for me as it’s something I have always wanted to do.  I learnt how to use many different platforms to edit and make reels and stories such as Capcut, Snapinsta and Canva. I enjoyed using Capcut to create all the reels, it was so interesting adding all my clips from content and seeing the reels come together.

I spent a few days working on reels and stories for some clients! This was a very exciting and interesting task as I got to design the background and choose what text was going to be on the stories. This task was very nerve-racking as I never thought I’d be making content for companies so big but hearing that my stories had been approved was an amazing feeling. It was an even better feeling seeing my content on their socials knowing it was me that put all the content together.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at WCS for being so supportive and helpful. If it wasn’t for the team, I would have no idea what field in marketing I would like to do. In the past 2 weeks, I have definitely found that content creation was my favourite and that’s what I would like to go into in the future. Thank you all!


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