Intern Diaries: Maddie

Team WCS at The Diary of Digital Marketing
Team WCS at The Diary of Digital Marketing

Intern Diaries: Maddie

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to join team WCS and Cardiff Life to undertake some work experience. I learnt from and worked alongside a team who are experts in their field, gaining a real insight into the many facets of the magazine industry. As my work experience sadly draws to a close, I thought I would reflect on everything that I have learnt during my time at Cardiff Life Magazine.

My name is Maddie Balcombe. I have just graduated with a degree in Journalism and English Literature and will be continuing my time at Cardiff University as I progress onto a masters course in Magazine Journalism. I am a frequent reader of Cardiff Life and have always enjoyed the content that they produce. So, in the summer between my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, I decided to take a risk, put myself out there and ask if the editorial team had any openings for work experience. To my surprise, the answer was yes!

Soon enough, I found myself walking through the office doors ready to start my first day. From the beginning, the Cardiff Life team put their trust in me and allowed me to get completely stuck in. At the end of my first two days, I had already written several articles for issue 276, sent out the weekly newsletter and assisted in their acclaimed Big Interview. The fun didn’t stop there…

I was given access to the Cardiff Life social media accounts, and trusted to create and post stories and reels. I attended the magazine planning meeting for the upcoming issue, sharing my ideas and brainstorming with the team. I was invited to attend some amazing events in the city on behalf of the magazine. With all of these incredible opportunities at my disposal, I didn’t want my time at Cardiff Life to come to an end!

The opportunity to gain all of this experience in-office has been invaluable, allowing me to take on more than I ever thought I would be able to in just two weeks. I can’t thank the Cardiff Life team enough for trusting me with the many tasks that I have undertaken and for exposing me to so much of their editorial process. It has also been great to work alongside the WCS team, absorbing their marketing expertise both in the office and through events such as The Diary of Digital Marketing, which I had the privilege of attending during my work experience stint. The acquisition of Cardiff Life by WCS has proven, now more than ever, how intertwined these industries are, and so it has been amazing to learn so much from both sides of the company.

The past two weeks with Cardiff Life have taught me so much. My writing style has improved and my confidence in my own ability has grown. I have been able to experience how to produce content to tight newsroom deadlines. I have learnt how to use new software and stepped outside of my comfort zone. I have met so many amazing people and gained bylines in a publication that I have always admired! On top of all of this, I have also learnt that putting yourself out there can pay off; I never would have gained all of this invaluable experience if I hadn’t sent that first email.

So, a huge thank you to the team behind WCS and Cardiff Life Magazine for having me and providing two weeks of incredible work experience that I’ll never forget!


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