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Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency
Marketing Agency in Cardiff, WCS Agency

Things to check before hitting publish

People always talk about the ‘right time’ to post, but there’s so much more than that you should consider before pressing ‘post now’! 

Here’s our checklist for every post we create:

✅ Check for spelling mistakes! This one is a biggie at WCS (Kates’ pet peeve is sloppy spelling and grammar!!!), because it reflects poorly on the brand! In today’s day and age there are so many tools to check your spelling and grammar, so it is really easy to avoid mistakes.

✅ Ensure the hashtags are appropriate! If you’re being reactive and jumping on a trend, make sure your hashtags reflect this!! Don’t fall into a trap of using the same ones over and over because hashtags are essentially a way to categorise your posts. If you’re posting about different things, your hashtags should change too, to increase the chances of each post being found! 

✅ Include a location (geo) tag! By adding a geotag to your photo, you are essentially pinning your location to that photo. The function of this tag is that it allows your photo to be found anytime an Instagram user clicks on the same geotag on another photo. Geotagging is therefore a great way to grow your following and boost your interactions.

✅ Ensure products or people are tagged! This is so important! If you’re selling a product, and have put all the hard work into the content and caption etc. don’t fall at the last hurdle- make it easy for people to buy!

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