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Google Ads & PPC


Google Ads and PPC is about delivering results through precision targeting and data-driven strategies. We meticulously craft campaigns that reach your desired audience at the right time and place, ensuring maximum impact for your investment. Our approach is always evolving, driven by insights and a commitment to achieving the best possible ROI for your brand.

How can Google Ads & PPC help you?


We position your brand in front of customers ready to make a purchase, utilising calculated keyword selection and performance-driven account structures.

Our custom reporting breaks down campaign data, providing actionable insights and bespoke metrics aligned with your business goals.

We focus on driving growth and profitability, consistently delivering results that scale with your brand.

How does it work?

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    Planning & Research

    We start with a deep dive into your historical PPC performance and product sales data, optimising your Google Product Feed for peak performance.

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    Optimisation & Testing

    Our proactive approach involves daily optimisations of copy, targeting, and creatives to consistently enhance results. We build account structures focused on high-quality scores, optimising your budget for more clicks and lower CPCs. This approach ensures efficient spending and maximises your margins.


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    Strategic Ad Creation

    Our strategies encompass in-depth keyword research and carefully curated ad sets across Google search, shopping, display, and YouTube to target your ideal consumers, engage users throughout the conversion journey and increase conversions. This comprehensive approach guarantees that you capture the attention of potential customers at every touchpoint.

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    Tracking & Reporting

    Utilising our custom dashboard, we focus on the metrics that matter most to reduce your costs and increase your conversions. CTRs, ROAS, and cost per conversion are key to determining your PPC strategy and improving results. 

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    SEO & Organic Strategy

    To aid your paid strategy on Google our team are on hand to improve your organic rankings with SEO. By combining SEO and PPC we can target high-volume, competitive search terms and drive increased traffic to your site. 

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View our work with Hern & Crabtree

Hern & Crabtree is the longest-standing independent estate agency in Cardiff. Their highly experienced team specialise in residential sales, lettings, probate services, estate management, land and new homes, and property management services. A premium, understated and trusted brand since 1849.

How does it work?

What do you charge for Google Ads & PPC services?

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your requirements.

hat size brands does WCS Agency work with for PPC campaigns?

We work with a diverse range of brands, from startups to established businesses and organisations. Our strategies are customised to fit the scale and objectives of each client.

What if the expected PPC results aren't achieved?

Our agile approach means we continuously optimise and adjust strategies based on performance data to ensure we meet your objectives.

Why choose you for our Google Ads & PPC needs?

With our award-winning strategies, deep expertise in Google’s advertising tools, and focus on ROI, we ensure your campaigns are both effective and efficient.

How do you ensure the effectiveness of PPC campaigns?

Our campaigns are data-driven, with continuous optimisation and testing to ensure the best results for your business. We use Google's analytics alongside other platforms such as SEMRush to pull real-time data daily and track your keywords and conversions. 

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