TikTok Management

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TikTok Management


As a TikTok partner, we specialise in harnessing the platform's unique dynamics to boost your brand's presence. Our strategies are crafted to engage the TikTok community, leveraging trends, creativity, and timing to ensure your content doesn't just participate in the conversation but leads it.

Our TikTok Management
services include:

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    Audience & Brand Analysis

    We begin by thoroughly evaluating your existing social platforms, content, ad performance, and sales data to understand your brand's positioning and potential growth on TikTok.

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    Content Production

    Leveraging our insights and experience, we craft TikTok-specific content that aligns with your brand's goals, ensuring maximum engagement and reach.

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    Influencer Collaboration

    We strategically partner with influencers to create authentic, branded content that resonates with your audience, adhering to your brand guidelines.

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    Strategic Paid Media Buying

    Our approach to TikTok ads is tailored for each campaign, focusing on creating high-impact, result-oriented strategies that drive your business objectives.

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    TikTok Shop Management

    We can set up and manage your TikTok shop to drive revenue through a booming global social commerce platform and strategic product-centric content. 

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Why do you need TikTok?

 TikTok's viral growth and extensive user base offer unmatched opportunities for brand discovery.

With over 1 billion monthly active users and high daily engagement, TikTok presents a significant platform for organic brand growth.

Niche communities on TikTok mean there's a space for every type of brand.

TikTok's advertising platform provides effective targeting options, creative tools, and immersive ad experiences.

View our work with Eco Nature

Stocked in Tesco and 5 other major retailers, Eco Nature is the global market-leader in sustainable gift packaging and a loyal client of ours.

View our work with Bs Aesthetics

B’s Aesthetics is a professional, trusted, and globally-renowned medical aesthetics clinic local to Cardiff.

Rebecca, the head nurse and director of the clinic has completed over 100 courses to ensure her patients across the UK and beyond are provided with the safest cosmetic experience.

View our work with Beth's Bakes

Born in Newport and now shipping globally. Beth's Bakes delivers baked goods across the UK.


Why should I choose you for TikTok marketing?

Our in-depth understanding of both organic and paid aspects of TikTok, combined with our experience and innovative approach, makes us the ideal choice for brands looking to make a significant impact.

How do you measure success on TikTok?

Success on TikTok is measured through engagement rates, audience growth, and conversion metrics, all tracked and optimised for continuous improvement.

Can you handle TikTok content creation?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped to handle everything from content strategy and creation to community management and paid social.

What sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms?

TikTok's unique algorithm, user engagement patterns, and content style set it apart, offering a fresh and highly effective way to connect with large global audiences. TikTok shop is also a widely accepted social commerce platform that is proven to drive significant revenue for businesses. 

How do you stay up-to-date with TikTok trends and algorithms?

As a TikTok partner, we have insider access to platform updates and trends, ensuring our strategies are always ahead of the curve.

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